Who Are We?

  • Aver Contracting ownership has 20 years of experience in construction, design solutions, and project management.
  • We are a dependable team of designers, consultants, sub-contractors and suppliers that consistently delivers high quality services and complex solutions to our clients.
  • We are known for our innovation, integrity, and consistently meeting client commitments.
  • Our goal as a company is to build confidence and value into each project through professionalism and knowledgeable expertise.
  • Aver is now the Colorado Representative for Moosehead Cedar Log Homes

Licenses & Professional Certifications

  • General Contractor License Class A, B, C in Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Wyoming, and Nebraska.
    • We are constantly expanding our reach to other states.
  • International Code Council (ICC) Class A General Contractor Certification
  • Licensed Excavator
  • Licensed El Paso County Tier 2 OWTS Installer
  • Licensed Teller County Tier 2 OWTS Installer
  • Colorado State Certified Competent Technician Soils Testing & Percolation Testing
  • Certified Septic & Wastewater Engineer Designer through NAWT

Proud Members of